Why Portable Cribs are the best solution when traveling with your baby.


A portable crib can be folded down, put in a bag and carried or wheeled with you from place to place. They are generally used for travelling with your baby, days out at the beach or the park or sleepovers with family and friends.

Technically speaking, Pack ‘n Plays or playards are ‘portable’ as they too can be folded down, stored in a bag and re-erected. However their ‘portability’ is not their strong suit. They are heavy, time-consuming to erect and dis-assemble and often cumbersome to transport.

The best portable cribs

The best portable travel cribs should score top marks in the following areas:
1. Lightness. The lighter the better.
2. Ease of erection and disassembly. The faster the better.
3. Compact fold-away size. For air travel where you pay for extra luggage this is critical.
4. Ease of transport Caster wheels, strong handles, shoulder straps etc.

Some portable cribs, like the Phil & Ted’s Traveller are tent-style cots. They are constructed like a traditional camping tent with poles, often springloaded, that slot together to form the frame that the canvas hangs on.


There are also pop up cribs, so called as they literally ‘pop up’ when taken out of the bag. That is their key attraction for parents – they are quick and easy to assemble. We have reviewed the Samsonite bubble

samsonite bubble cot

And also the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light 2.


Read our reviews of the best portable cribs:

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Hello! Stumbled on your site as we are doing a registry for baby #1 🙂 Do you have any experience with or opinion on the Lotus Travel Crib? I have heard of the Baby Bjorn one but actually thought it was more expensive than the Lotus. Just realized that they are pretty much even on price – at least on Amazon – so now trying to decide between the two:

    Thanks for your informative site!

    1. Grainne says:

      Hi Rebecca, I have heard good things about the Lotus (and its really popular on Amazon) but have never actually used one myself.. I hope to interview a mum who uses one in the next few months. Sorry I can’t be of more help for now. Best of luck with the new arrival, exciting times 🙂 Grainne x

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