A tasty snack where you’d least expect it

I am very happy to share this post with you as I think this is a real “find”. In Spain sometimes you find deliciousness in the most unlikely places. So I’ve already told you what it is… but let me keep you guessing for a bit as to where.

This is the deliciousness I speak of – a “roast in a roll”.


A fresh-out-of-the-oven french baguette filled with fallen-off-the-bone chicken that was slow-cooked in some sort of Indian curry sauce (lots of cumin in there) and crunchy lettuce. A no frills, no messing about, finger-lickin good sanger. Sorry the photo isn’t great, it took all of the will power I possessed to actually take this as I was so eager to take a chomp.

But where to find this gourmishiousness? Well here’s the cafe from the outside:


Hmmm… odd. Doesn’t look very promising and it’s tacked on to some kind of department store is it??

And this is the inside:


OK a clue. The reason I say this is a real “find” is because I bet you’ve been in this area at least a few times before and would have loved to have known about this place. Maybe getting a new shower curtain, or a tap for the bathroom sink, or looking for a new couch, or a missing piece for the air-conditioner – so we’re not talking “fun shopping” here but rather “needing something for the house” shopping. Or maybe you were picking up some family at…

Ok I’ll tell you! It’s out near the airport where all those big shops are – Ikea, Decathlon etc – but there’s very little else. Nowhere to eat (apart from the Ikea cafe but I don’t like their food) or even get a coffee… except for this place.

It’s just an itty bitty cafe, next to Decathlon, in the Leroy Merlin building on the right hand side, near the entrance to the garden furniture bit.


I’ve been there 3 or 4 times now and they always have this roast in a roll, in fact they have a choice of two. The last time they had chicken and also a slow-roast pork. Unfortunately Ivan gobbled his pork roll down too fast for me to get a photo. I talked to the waitress, who is really nice and friendly, and she said they have them every day. They prepare them during the day, then cook them slowly overnight, so every morning there’s a fresh batch.

Oh and it’s only €3.90!

So there you have it. Pretty valuable information I think if you’re living in Malaga because at some stage you are probably going to need something that will drag you down the motorway to one of these shops. And afterwards I bet you’ll be hungry.

Happy rolling!

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  1. Marianne says:

    Leroy Merlin has always had good food ever since we first went years ago (I think they have re-vamped the cafe since then, too). And I’ve always enjoyed their freshly squeezed orange juice 🙂

    1. Grainne says:

      Ooo I’ll try that next time! G x

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