Farewell to precious DiCarlo moments

It’s the last day of school today – hence two posts in as many days, a last flurry of activity before the summer comes crashing in – and emotions are mixed.

I’m in shock that this year is over already – it feels like only a few months ago I was buying shiny new pencil cases. There’s also sadness at the end of an era – JJ’s twin best friends are moving this summer (we haven’t broken it to him yet) so it’s going to be a big change for him in school next year, plus Ray’s two besties are moving up to primaria leaving her behind for her last year in infantil with only one other boy in her year (though there’s a big mixed class the year below so she’ll be fine).

And then there’s the fear. I feel a bit embarrasesed admitting this as I’m not detecting it from any of the other mothers but yeah, I’m kind of dreading (ok very dreading!) the thoughts of 3 (loooooong) months of looking after/entertaining three children in soaring temperatures. Ah but it’ll be fine once I get used to it.

And of course DiCarlo’s. Oh DiCarlo! We said our goodbyes yesterday. No it’s not my Italian lover (that’d be Giovanni 🙂 ) but the café I on occasion frequent whenever I have some errand to run on / can think of some excuse to go to the coast.


As you can see DiCarlo’s got the looks! but it’s also got pretty much everything a woman wants from a café. Here’s what I love about it:

The coffee

It’s really good. There’s an extensive menu but I’m boring and do a straight up café con leche every time. If it’s not broken…

The bread



Despite the Italian name, this place is totally Spanish – staff, menu, coffees, everything. But the big and essential difference is the bread. Anyone who lives in Andalucia knows the difficulty of getting good bread, its’ the one thing the Spanish don’t do well (in this part of Spain at least). DiCarlo’s bread on the other hand is divine. Like proper french baguettes it’s soft and fragrant with a lovely crunchy crust. And there’s a great choice of white, wholegrain, rye or spelt.

The fashion and gossip mags

2014-06-18 11.38.13

What… Orlando and Miranda have broken up? And Rihanna really wore that to the Met Ball!

The couch


You can’t see it in this photo because I’m sitting on it. It’s big and plush and low to the ground so perfect for sipping coffee and leafing through mags. I always manage to get it. Every time!

It’s also really nicely decorated, bright and airy – one whole wall is open to the outside. There’s seating on the street if you fancy watching the world go by on nearby Paseo Larios, though that would mean giving up the couch (no thanks).


So yesterday I really savoured our last peaceful morning together. I probably won’t be back this summer. If I did, I imagine I’d be arriving frazzled and sweaty after the effort of keeping two children from falling in to traffic and pushing a buggy. There’d be juices and straws and spillages and pleading for the chocolate donuts behind the glass and those lovely waitresses’ smiles would very soon turn to groans when they saw me coming through the door.


So it’s Arrivederci for now lovely DiCarlo’s. I’ll be seeing you in September.

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