Foam party at Cómpeta Feria

It’s still hot hot hot!!! and the children (as mentioned in my last post) are still glued to the pool… but we did manage to drag them away last weekend for the annual foam party in Cómpeta.


We’re all big kids in our house and we love a good fiesta de espuma. At this time of year all the villages in the Axarquia celebrate their annual feria which involves a chaotic mixture of flamenco, paella, horses, lots of drinking and dancing, and a crazy foam party in the main square (or in Canillas de Aceituno’s case, the playground).

Cómpeta’s annual feria was last weekend. Sedella’s is this weekend (1,2,3 August). Canillas de Aceituno is the following weekend (8,9,10 August). If you are organised and are willing to take on the windy mountain roads of the Axarquia, you could probably manage to get one in almost every weekend from early July to mid September.











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  1. Marianne says:

    Fabulous! We gave it a miss this year – but if I’d know you were going ….. 🙂

    Looks like you had FUN!

    1. Grainne says:

      It was a BLAST Marianne. I don’t like to write in capital letters normally.. but this is a FOAM PARTY we’re talking about!!
      There’s always Sedella’s this Saturday. We’re going to miss it which hurts, we’re going camping. Or Canillas the following. I love that one, the kids squealing down the slide into the bubbles, so funny! xx

  2. Adrian says:


    1. Grainne says:

      Joie de vivre Adrian

  3. Wow! Those pictures are amazing! i’ve never taken the boys to a foam party, I’m sure they’d love it. Will be living vicariously through your blog in future 🙂

    1. Grainne says:

      Thanks April! Yup it’s pretty much kid heaven, though a bit nerve-racking that you’re going to lose one of them under the bubbles.

  4. Gillian says:

    After Canillas this weekend I’d have to agree foam parties rock! I especially recommend making foam angels! 😉

    1. Grainne says:

      Foam rivers pretty good too..

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