Sparkly Micheal Jackson jacket and glove

JJ’s been going through a Michael Jackson obsession the past few months ever since his friend Josh showed him this live version of Billie Jean on Youtube. It’s the one where the King of Pop comes on stage in total silence, the sound of his footsteps echoing across the vast stage, mysteriously carrying a suitcase. He opens it, removes and dons a hat, jacket and the famous single glove before clicking his fingers, grabbing his crotch and breaking in to what is still one of the best, most infectious floor fillers ever.

What an introduction to pop music eh, a big step up from Baloo the Bear singing the Bare Necessities, JJ’s previous top track. I must admit both myself and Josh’s mum were made up to see the pair of them cavorting in front of the laptop boogeying on down to the same music that still gets us up on the dance floor. A secret tear or two may have been shed. Ah the circle of life…

Anyway, since he’s been putting the outfit together – black pants, white t-shirt, a deodorant bottle/microphone – but he’s been craving a sparkly jacket and the famous sparkly glove to complete the look. So when my friend gave me this sequinned dress she was throwing out I knew immediately what I’d do with it. The jacket I got second hand also.

It was a shame really to cut up the dress, but there’s lots of leftovers I figure I will use for some other outfit.

How to make it

This was so simple it doesn’t even merit an instructions heading. Simply cut out 2 front-of-jacket shaped pieces and sew them on. The material was quite bulky and awkward with all the sequins but I just hacked it on as best I could, and thankfully the sequins hide all the stitching.

The glove was very fiddly. I used an old glove of the kids as a base but it took quite a lot of stitching to get around all the fingers.


Time to throw some shapes

michael jackson MJ11 michael jackson
michael jackson MJ5 MJ6
MJ10 michael jackson MJ9

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  1. Rachel Bell says:

    Oh my gosh, Grainne, this is brilliant! Love love love it! I can’t wait to show Josh …I may have to start sewing !! Well done you xxx

    1. Grainne says:

      Inspired by that afternoon in our house Jacob first discovered Michael Jackson and Joshie stole the show with his moonwalk. Gracias guapa looking forward to seeing you soon xxxx

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