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grace-kidsThe idea of this section is to recommend stuff that works for family travel and living.

It started out back in 2011 as a separate blog focusing on travel gear for babies. Then as my kids grew and we started hiking and camping, it made sense to merge the review blog and my family blog in to one.

All products have been bought and used by us. Occasionally I hear from friends/family about great products they have used, e.g. co-sleepers and Sophie the Giraffe, and I interview them. There is no sponsorship or contact with the brands involved. This is not a PR friendly blog.

My reviews are positive but critical. I write about stuff I recommend, also listing whatever downsides it has. I figure life is short and time is precious, I’ll stick to just recommending the good stuff rather than getting negative about poor quality stuff.

On each review page is a link to Amazon should you wish to read more reviews or purchase. I earn a small commission (between 4 and 6.5%) on products you purchase through Amazon’s affiliate program. Read more about that here. This is included within the price and does not cost you anything extra.

In the future I hope to expand the scope of my reviews. We are planning a major road trip this summer so would hope to review our new (as yet un-purchased!) roof box and camping stove…if they make the cut.

If you have used any of the products reviewed on this site I would love for you to comment on them and let me know your experience.

Thanks for visiting and I hope that reading about our experiences may help you to find the right gear that works for you and your family.


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  1. Marlyn Reid says:

    I live in Australia – where are you? I am interested in purchasing the Portable crib that you can carry as a back pack – pls let me know the price and where I can purchase this from. I think it is an excellent idea.


    1. Grainne says:

      Hi Marlyn, I live in Spain. I haven’t heard about this one, sounds like a great idea for camping. Do you know the brand name? Best, Grainne

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