Cool and useful gift ideas for the camper in your life

cool camping gift ideas
I’ve complied this list over the last year, mostly inspired by gear envy at camp sites on our road trip; also things I’ve read about on other family camping blogs.
I got No. 2 for the other half’s birthday and I plan to print this post out for him when he’s flailing around for a birthday present for me next month (see No. 12 dear!!).
If you have any other suggestions for cool and useful camping gear I would love to hear from you. You can leave a comment at the end.

1. For Mr. Survival, an integrated water filter flask

Always have access to fresh drinking water. Buy here

2. Get comfortable anywhere, anytime with the inflatable “Chillbo Baggins”.

Love that name!
You don’t need to blow it up. Just catch a few scoops of air and then quickly tie it up. Great for the beach! Forget dragging awkward deck chairs.
There’s loads of different brands including Fatboy and ChillaX

3. The “movie seat”

This mini couch with bucket-shaped seats is great for kids. They can fall asleep watching a movie on the laptop (without falling over), then it’s an easy transfer to the camp bed. One of my favourite family camping blogs took the movie seat for a test run, read more here.

4. Sponges that don’t stink!

Especially useful for long camping trips, these long-lasting, environmentally-friendly sponges repel water so they don’t harbour bacteria and therefore don’t smell. The story behind the sponges is really interesting, and well told by Leigh from Hike Bike Travel.
You can pick up a pack on Amazon.

5. Space-saving wine glasses

nesting-wine-glassesWho says you can’t be classy while camping? These glasses fold and stack and are really sturdy. Find here

6. More practical but still classy glasses

silicone-camping-glassesThese are so cute! Also unbreakable and dishwasher safe. Available on Amazon

7. A lantern with detachable panels – one for all the family.

coleman-quad-led-lanternThis lantern is so smart and practical. With the 4 panels together in the base it’s bright enough for dinner, or detach one panel for a bathroom run/to read in bed. Available here

8. For the McGyver in your life, a magnesium fire starter.

magnesium-fire-starterThey’ll never need to worry about losing their lighter/wetting their matches again. Get it here

9. Stay cosy and stylish round the camp fire

tshirts hoody camping lovers
T-shirts and hoodies

10. And for the newest camping recruits…

onesie camping
On Amazon.

11. Inspiration for a road trip

bucket-list-camping-ideas-bookWhat’s your passion? Getting to the top of a mountain, finding the remotest spots, hammock camping, canyoning, kayaking… Ours is finding secret watering holes and this is our bible when planning trips.

12. A portable fire pit

portable fire pitThis keeps the fire off the ground so you leave no trace.
I really, really, REALLY want one of these. As much for chilly nights at home as for camping trips.
Lots of options here

13. A portable tree house

portable tree houseWhen the ground is damp or bumpy just camp in the trees, thanks to the Tentsile tree tent.

14. Waterproof socks

It’s hard to believe these are breathable AND waterproof… but they are! At a price. Buy them here.

15. A solar powered phone charger

Useful any time you leave the house really! Get it here.

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  1. lorraine whitty says:

    Bilbo baggins couch is great! Very comfy. Some great ideas for summer camping trips here.

  2. Cian Griffin says:

    Fab list my favourite is the firepit and waterproof socks, oh and the family torch genius!!!!

  3. Beth Bishop says:

    Very nice collection of gifts!

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